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The research work is done on paperback A4 format. Work must be done on the computer. Work is written only on one side of the page. All pages are numbered, starting with the title page.

The work must be written in a clear and distinct literary language inherent in this subject. Slang and phrases from the vernacular are not allowed in research work.

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Requirements for student research. Research is a written report of a phenomenon or process. In the course of research, the compiler should answer the questions: why (research problem), what (field of study), and how (research method) investigated and what are the results and conclusions that were reached during the work. The purpose of the research is the development of a student's independent, critical and logical thinking. The topic of research can cover any subject area. In the research work it is impossible to present the opinions of other authors without making references. In research work, you can use the conclusions of other authors, but comparing and analyzing these conclusions, you must make your own. Research work can be: Empirical (study of the links of two phenomena) The choice of topics and goal setting. Research begins with the selection of a topic. The student chooses the topic of work freely and independently. When formulating a topic, it is recommended to consult with the work supervisor. When the topic is selected, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the work - what this work wants to find out or achieve. When choosing a topic, it is necessary to find out whether there is enough material on this topic, both in subject literature and empirical research. The topic of research should be articulated specifically and clearly. Construction work. Work plan. The work consists of the planned parts and their subthemes. As a rule, in the course of work, the initial scheme changes, but this stage is important for the logical construction of the work. In the introduction (approximately 1/10 of the work), the author should, in terms of relevance and novelty, justify the choice of topic and set the goal of the research. In the introduction, it is necessary to fix the studied problem, its intended solution or hypothesis, ways to achieve the goal or proof of the hypothesis and methods of research work. An overview of the construction of research work. The main part usually contains three parts. The first part provides an overview of what is known about the phenomenon under study, in which direction it was previously studied. Such a characteristic is given in the review of the literature on the problem, which is made on the basis of the analysis of the read literature, several works. The second part describes what the author did and how to prove the hypothesis put forward, which is a research technique. The third part describes the results obtained during the study (figures, tables, diagrams, etc.). In an empirical study, this part should contain the results of statistical data and a method for determining their reliability. In the course of the study, the author’s personal opinion on the research results should be revealed. The work ends with conclusions that set out the results of the study. Conclusions are a kind of brief answers to the question - how to solve the research problems. The amount of used literature shows the amount of material that the student has worked during the research work. Sources can be monographs, collections of articles, scientific journals, databases on the Internet, etc. When choosing literature it is recommended to choose newer editions. In the literature used are indicated only those materials that are referred to by the author. Applications are related to the main part of the work; this is the most interesting primary and additional material, presented most often graphically (tables, forms of questionnaires, etc.).

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